Why Should you Choose Knowlarity for Cloud Contact Center Service?

Businesses can manage the customer experience across phone, email, text, and social media with the use of cloud-based contact centres. Beyond just making and receiving calls, Knowlarity’s cloud contact centre has sophisticated capabilities. Knowlarity’s call center cloud solutions enable businesses to keep track of every client request and boost agent’s efficiency.

As there are a lot of cloud contact centre services, here are the reasons why you should choose Knowlarity.

What is a Cloud-Based Contact Centre Service?

The cloud contact centre is a call centre software that can be accessed via the internet. It runs in the cloud, streamlining client interactions without the need for CAPEX. With only a minimum amount of infrastructure, the software offers a wide range of capabilities that make business communication effective.

The Working of the Cloud Contact Centre

A cloud contact centre uses a high-speed internet connection to deliver inbound and outgoing voice, text, social media, and video communications. All server setup, equipment, and maintenance are taken care of by contact centre providers.

Contrary to an on-premises PBX, no telecom hardware needs to be bought, installed, or maintained. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology is used to establish phone calls instead.

Once you link your other channels, such as social media or email, to the cloud contact centre software, it takes care of everything. To prevent conflicts, each interaction is associated with a specific account and given to the appropriate agent. After that, a contact centre automatically syncs data with your CRM programme so that everybody is informed.

A contact centre just requires workstations, headphones, and an internet connection for your team because it operates in an online space. Calls, emails, or chat messages can then be received by agents once they log in. Your brand communicates with customers consistently as a result across all interaction mediums.

Features of Knowlarity Cloud Contact Centre Solution

  • Call Recording & Routing

Businesses can reduce client wait times by routing calls to available agents and recording incoming and outgoing calls simultaneously. 

  • Control Call

Utilize the mute, hold, warm transfer, queue callback, and voicemail functions to place calls in a queue while clients are waiting.

  • International Numbers

Get virtual numbers for various nations to streamline your business operations around the world.

  • Concurrent Calls

Respond to multiple inbound and outbound calls simultaneously to maximize the agent’s effectiveness.

  • Concept of Sticky Agent

To provide a more personalized customer experience, transfer your repeat callers to the agents with whom they spoke recently.

  • Access to Mobile App

By integrating the contact centre on your smartphone, you can exercise greater control and visibility over company conversations to improve customer service.

Benefits of Using the Knowlarity Cloud Contact Center Solution

  • Performance Insights 

To acquire deeper insights and evaluate the performance of the agent, Knowlarity offers solutions to record client and agent dialogues.

  • Be Omnipresent

Businesses can manage business calls from anywhere and forward all customer calls to the agent’s mobile and landline numbers.

  • Minimum Investment

Knowlarity’s cloud contact centre is affordable and offers full call management features without the need for infrastructure.

  • Optimize Caller Experience

Improve caller experience with customizable hold music, regional greetings, and skill-based agent routing.

  • Enhance the Productivity of the Workforce

Utilize a cutting-edge contact centre solution to drive exceptional customer interaction experiences while reducing bandwidth, resources, and money.

How Knowlarity can Give Your Company a Competitive Advantage

  • Develop Customer Experience

When using more old contact centre innovations, it could be challenging to remain aware of shifting customer assumptions. Knowlarity with the help of APIs can help you plan an interaction that anticipates your customer’s needs and provides excellent support.

  • Flexibility & Adaptability

Businesses can easily enhance and decrease telephone utility and capabilities with the cloud contact focus frameworks. It requires little site expenses or programming knowledge. Businesses may implement additional telephone utilities or contact steering structures to accommodate yearly changes in customer interaction volumes.

  • Modern Compliance

Knowlarity’s contact place specialist will find harmony between the conventions and revelations. They ensure that the delicate data is stored securely without any interruption to the data stored. 

Bottom Line

Knowlarity has come a long way from launching Cloud Telephony, and they provide one of the best call center telephony solutions in the market. Their solutions improve your ROI with the help of improved business decisions and strategic insights.

They use modern technologies like A.I to make your business reach greater heights; their affordable service may be your need of the hour. 

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